Welcome to RCCG Morning Star

Morniimgng Star (Currie / Balerno) is a church for all nations. We believe in the inspirational word of God in Hebrews 13:8, if He can heal all manners of sickness in the past, He can still do it today and forever. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the power of God, we believe that LOVE is very important among brethren, neighbors and our family. You are welcome to the RCCG- Morning Star (Currie/ Balerno), the CITY of LOVE.

This website will be updated regularly to communicate our activities in the Currie and Balerno Community. You will read about how we are imparting the society through educational development, faith building, charity works, leadership and development seminars, workshops and above all, how we are imparting a holiness living within our community. Feel free to use our contact section to communicate your view and opinion to us.
As you go through this website remember that “All things are possible to them that believe”

Useful Link




 http://www.ccel.org/ccel/henry/mhc.i.html (Mathew Henry's Bible commentaries)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of_sRHlCk-c(European Singing Yoruba Praise)